26 déc. 2007

Chicago soul legend Staples tops year's best music

Les 10 meilleurs albums de l' année 2007 selon CHICAGO TRIBUNE.
AMAN IMAN de TINARIWEN en dixieme place.

Chicago soul legend Staples tops year's best music

By Greg Kot | Tribune music critic
December 16, 2007

One of the toughest parts of any music critic's job each year is narrowing down a list of favorite albums to a manageable two-digit number.

This year, my best-of list easily could've been three times as long. But I'll settle for listing the 20 albums that brought me the greatest pleasure in 2007
10. Tinariwen: "Aman Iman" (World Village)

Space-rock album of the year, from the deserts of northeastern Mali. Voices longing for home and trance-inducing guitars weave fractured lines through hypnotic dance rhythms.

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